Make it Simple - Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand.png

You are going to love this, actually scratch that, your kids are going to love this!

This sand acts like it’s wet but it’s not, you can squeeze it, shape it, mould it and play with it but it doesn’t stick to your hands. It’s also easy to hoover up so its one of the better indoor messy play options too.

This is part of our series of make it simple blog posts, you can find the others at the bottom of this post but the idea is to show you how to make some super fun messy play techniques that shops will charge you a small fortune for. All of these are so simple to make you’ll never buy them again.

You only need three ingredients for this and it all starts with Play Sand. Now this is very important that you use play sand and not just any old sand. This sand doesn’t stain clothes and is very fine and soft. Really nice to play with. If you buy a sand form your local builders merchant it will be mixed with loads of horrible grainy bits and won’t work for Kinetic Sand.


5 cups of Play Sand

3 cups of all purpose flour

1 Cup of vegetable oil

Just combine all the ingredients in a large container and mix really well and your done, that’s it, no magic or baking required. We have listed below some of the store bought kinetic sand, try adding glitter or food colouring to get different looks and make sure you check out our other make it simple ideas below.