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So this is another series that I am pulling from my old website and im giving it a little update as I do it so there will be even more included for you.

Since I originally created this Lego series in 2017 we have had a Lego Movie sequel which I thought was just ok. It wasn’t as good as the first and we all know that it’s tough to make good sequels. The first film was really groundbreaking with the techniques used to animate the lego, the use of all the history of Lego and different licenses they have. This sequel was more of the same rather than trying to push things forward. Lets kick off with these brilliant free bookmarks from Lego Movie 2.

Also since I last wrote about Lego, they have released the brilliant Lego Boost, Ive had a few run in’s with this kit now and I love it! It’s a brilliant idea and in part it was one of the things in my mind when I started to create our program of Extra Curricular Activities. Although this kit is not being used in our programs yet we are working on it.

Lego Boost Kit

Lego Boost Kit on Amazon

8 Lego Movie Masks

These are just great for a Lego birthday (more on that later) or just a fun Lego day at home, just print them off and mount them on some good card like a cereal box.  Wrap some elastic around your head and boom you have some great Lego movie Masks.


Lego Movie Bingo

Stick the film on, grab your drinks and snacks, make sure everyone has one of these bingo cards and a marker pen.  Just mark off every character you spot, be careful though some of them are tricky! The first person to find all of their characters wins.

Ok so we are having fun now, but how about a Lego Movie Party? Of course you can use these items already but lets check out some inspiration, keep reading for FREE Lego Party Invites then at the end of this blog we are going to include a brilliant Lego activity that the kids will love.

Party Ideas

Over the next several weeks we are going to share loads of fantastic ideas that you can use to put together your very own Lego party, we are also going to explore all the different Lego themes like Lego Friends and Ninjago as well as others. For now I have put together a birthday cake gallery focusing on the Lego movie films for your inspiration. If you are having a party in Gloucestershire then make sure you check the local suppliers listed here to find someone to make a cake. First check out this brilliant Lego movie party invitation, you can get these posted out to you for FREE when you book one of our birthday party services or you can download them yourself for just £1.99 per design.

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Find this invite design in our library

Lego Zip Line Activity
Lego Zip Line

Lego Zip Line

This is a great activity that you can just do at home, maybe the kids got a new lego set from Santa? or its great for a party too.  All you need are some simple lego bricks and some cord.  I recommend Parachute cord because it's nice a smooth and obviously very strong but string will work too.  The only downside with string is that it will get worn and break. First build the stand for the man, to do this start with a based put the man on it then get the kids to build bricks around him. Note the gap above his head, we use a curved brick like in the picture but I think it should work with a square gap too. Now all you need to do is connect the cord to something solid like a door handle and then raise the cord to something higher.  The higher the cord is raised the fast the lego man is going to go.  Try maybe making quite a long one by tying one end to the front door handle and the other end up stairs? You need an nice straight line with lots of tension.  If the cord is loose and sags in the middle the lego man may get stuck.


Perfect Bungee Cord for this activity

This also teaches kids loads about gravity, tension, forces etc, try to explain whats happening to the lego man, if he falls too fast ask them why they think it happened. I like the idea of including secret compartments in the box the lego man is travelling in that could house a secret message or some other lego bits that he could transport. Ok thats it for this week, but make sure you come back next week for loads of great fun with Lego Friends and then after that we are going to explore Lego Ninjago and then finish the month off with a Lego surprise. See you soon.