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I’ve spent a huge chunk of my life working with children and in particular attending and providing birthday parties. I have put this guide together through my experience with what tends to work best. There are always exceptions to rules so don’t look at this as something that is set in concrete but rather as advice and a guide for you to use.

1 & 2 Year Olds

This may seem obvious but really I would keep it very simple. At home, if the suns out then get out in the garden. A few friends and family and keep it real small and simple. Maybe some messy play which I have linked to below. Some nice cake and presents, you can try a very simple old school pass the parcel but like I said very simple. 2 year olds could be taken to a local soft play centre.

I know with many Asian cultures it is traditional to make a huge celebration of a 1 year old birthday which is fine. I have been to many Malaysian, Thai and Indian etc family events for a first birthday. If you are expecting a big turnout and will have a mix of ages there then you can get professional entertainment in. Our one hour magic shows would work brilliantly with a mix of ages. Just don’t expect the entertainer to get the 1 or 2 year old involved too much. I did once have a mum get very cross with me because her one year old didn’t come and help in the magic show but there wasn’t much I could have done with a one year old in a magic show.

3 & 4 Year Olds

Now the parties can start to kick off. They are still relatively small parties in comparison to what’s coming as they get older but the parties can be a little bigger than previous years. You can absolutely pick a theme and Wonder Kids is brilliant for this, try using our search bar or have a look at the activity blog for loads of ideas based on themes.

Now you can invite their friends from nursery or playgroup, you can hire a hall and you can even have an entertainer too. We have a special version of our one hour magic show designed specifically for 3 & 4 year olds. I wouldn’t try and do a two or three hour party at this age (I see parents wanting to do this all the time). Your child may be super confident but many kids at this age are just not quite ready yet and it’s the job of the entertainer to make sure ALL the kids are having a great time. I regularly turn away people that are wanting a massive long party with just ten 3 & 4 year olds attending. Think small, a shorter show plus a game of pass the parcel and maybe a craft activity. Add on the time it takes this age to eat party food and sing happy birthday and you will easily have a 90 minute party in total. Here is a party run through for a party starting at 11am.

11am - Guests arrive

Simple craft activity as they arrive (optional)

11.15am - Our one hour magic show

12.15pm - Sit down at the party table for party food, sing happy birthday first

12.45pm - Kids go home, they can either take the cake home or eat it at the end of their party food.

5 Year Olds

The next few years are all golden ages for our magic shows. Now you can throw a full Two Hour Party. Please note that a kids birthday party should never be longer than two hours in length. Also try as best you can to focus the entertainment.

Children’s Synapses are far more energetic than an adults. Childrens brains can have 10K synapses per neuron compared to adults who only have 1K synapses per neuron.

This is because of the amount they need to learn and learn quickly they do. The downside to this is that their attentions spans are all over the place. So whilst you may think that you are creating a really fun party by having a bouncy castle, disco, magicians, sweet station, popcorn machine etc what can actually happen is sensory overload for kids where they just can not focus on anything going on.

This isn’t to say that they can’t have fun at a party like this but they won’t remember as much and they won’t really use any one particular activity to its full potential. This means that you are really just throwing money away i’m afraid.

We can offer a full two hour magic party with loads of great age appropriate original games, illusions, circus stunts and puppets.

6 Year Olds

Much the same as above, with our shows we ramp up the energy and the jeopardy as the kids get older. How about a joint birthday party at this point? The kids have been in school for a while, having two birthday children is no problem for us and it halves the cost of the entire party. You will probably be inviting the entire class anyway. Things do get a little more complicated when you try having three or more birthday children though.

7 Year Olds

Personally I love this age group. They are brilliant for our magic shows where puppets jump out into the audience, they do get wet and we can have full stage illusions too. We now also offer brilliant disco’s for this age group too. These are full of original and very energetic games, read more about our unique disco’s here.

These days the choices for parties are huge and by this age, many of them are suitable for this age group. Here is what we can offer.

Magic Parties

Disco Parties

Sleepover Parties

8-10 Year Olds

Now they are getting a little older, you can still have full class disco parties but you can also go for a small selection of friends. Cinema and a trip to the restaurant, our brilliant sleepover parties are always developing more and more themes

11-12 Year Olds

I don’t think I have ever provided a whole class party for this age group, so it’s going to be a day out somewhere or a unique experience. We will be soon providing Magic School Parties for this age group, where we come a teach some seriously cool close up magic that they can take away with them and show their friends/family, plus we also have the sleepover parties that are perfect for this age group.

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